Alessi Bowl – The Still Life Fruit Bowl Will Never be Boring Again!


If you have ever taken an art class, you will probably have painted a still life of a bowl of fruit. If not, you have probably seen many of these. Now while creating the finished work is a great achievement for the budding artist, these pieces rarely create an impact on the world of art and design. Now I reckon if we shake things up a bit and add and Alessi Bowl to those fruit bowl pieces, we can create more of an impression.

There are of course Alessi bowls available for all functions, but I will focus here on the Alessi collection of fruit bowls. They are available in a number of different designs and I have included images of just some of the varied designs here. There are a number of bowls in polished stainless steel, which I have to admit are my favorites, in particular theLa Stanza Scirocco Fruit Holder and the Fruitscape Fruit Bowl. However, I must acknowledge the Alessi bowls that inject a touch of personality into any room in which you choose to use them.

While an Alessi bowl can look chic or interesting or sometimes both, they can also be used as an everyday functional piece or as an alternative they can create a centrepiece on a table or a focal point in a room.

You will find a large selection of Alessi bowls here.


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