Bedside Table Lamp – Fillable Glass Cylinder Collector’s Table Lamp

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Bedside Table Lamp

This Fillable Glass Cylinder Collector’s Table Lamp is the bedside table lamp I have chosen for our beach style bedroom. As it comes it is quite a classic style bedside lamp but if you want to explore the beach theme further, the base of this lamp can be filled with sea shells or pebbles to create  a real beach look. If you have kids or grandkids, you will have a great excuse to explore the beach and find some treasures to fill the lamp or indeed to use some of those seashells that have been collected on a previous trip and are laying around the house desperately in need of a home! Just be careful, the kids might want to “adopt” this one, when you are not looking!

The base is made from clear glass with satin chrome accents. It has a cylindrical shade white shade. The lamp takes measures 27 1/2″ high and the shade is 15″ in diameter. It takes one 150 watt bulb (which is not included).

This bedside lamp is currently available at 33% discount (at time of writing) from Amazon.


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