Cool Baby Lounger Anyone? How About the Coco Baby Lounger


Okay having a baby will no doubt change your life in many different ways. In terms of home decor, we know that there are a number of changes to be made to baby proof your home for the sake of your little one’s safety and also to protect those possessions that you hold dear. However, having a baby does not mean you cannot have style anymore and there are very stylish baby furniture and accessories to be had. In fact, I think the Coco Baby lounger is one of the coolest baby loungers or rockers I have seen in a long time. In fact, it is just a cool piece of design period.

The base is a curved, single-piece frame made in patented, plexistyle construction to give a smooth self rocking motion. The base is available in various colours and finishes to suit your style. It has an adjustable five point padded safety harness, for your growing baby. The fabric is easy to clean and also comes in a variety of colors. Busy parents will be glad to know that there is no assembly required for this cool baby lounger.
One thing to note there is a large price variation between the different colors and styles of the Coco Baby Lounger. They tend to start at under $200 and go up to nearer the $400 mark, so you might bear this in mind when making your choice. The overall look is the same across the price points, the difference tends to reflect the base style.


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