Loft Beds for Adults – Why Should Kids Have All the Fun?


A lot of people think of loft beds as a piece of furniture for their kids or teens, but loft beds for adults are becoming increasingly popular. As property prices rose our living spaces became smaller and for this reason, we often need to be creative about our use of furniture to maximise the space we have. Whether you are just finished college and moving into your first apartment or you are living at home and need your bedroom to function as a bedroom and a study area or office, a loft bed for adults may be just the solution for you.

If you are an adult choosing a loft bed you may prefer to choose one with a full size bed. After this your choise of loft bed will depend on how you best need to use your bedroom space. Do you need to use the space under the bed for a full size desk or do you need to have a combination of storage and perhaps a smaller desk? Maybe you would like to have a futon and desk space? With a futon you will have an extra guest bed, a chair to relax in or just add a beanbag or two and you will have your own social space. There are so many combinations available but once you decide what you need the bed for you will narrow down your options considerably. Some loft beds have an open space underneath, allowing you the flexibility to choose how you use the space.

By taking advantage of the multifunctional nature of a full loft bed you can organise the space available to you. Loft beds for adults can even resolve a prevalent household argument for that is for another post!!!! (I know I am a tease!)


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