Red Berry Wreath – Bring Christmas to Your Door!


Red Berry Wreath – How about a red berry wreath to announce that the holiday spirit has firmly taken hold your in home? Red is without doubt one of the primary signature colors of the season and these winterberry wreaths can really stand out on your door. Less is usually more when it comes to design, and I find that wreaths made from a few different elements are more elegant and effective in their presentation than for example wreaths that try just a little too hard to include or represent every aspect of the holidays. You may of course beg to differ!

While look for a red berry wreath you might want to bear in mind that most commercial wreaths available are made with faux berries. You get the appearance you want in terms of the effect of the berries but they last year after year without any fear of decay. They may be attractive to your human visitors but the critters that enjoy the occasional berry or six thankfully won’t be attracted to them!

Remember a red berry wreath is not necessarily just for Christmas. They can be used as a door wreath year round or you can bring it indoors to create a table centerpiece with perhaps a large candle in the center. You can also use to  fill a blank space on a wall or as a creative photo frame around that special photograph.

Red Berry Wreath Selection

Winterberry Wreath

Winterberry Wreath


Christmas Red Berry WreathChristmas Red Berry Wreath

Red Berry Christmas WreathPip Berry and Twig Wreath


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