Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 – Wish Upon a Star!


Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011


Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 – To celebrate 20 years since the launch of the ever popular and much loved Annual Edition Christmas Ornament, Swarovski employed the creative talent of designer Keiko Arai Maria to design this stunning star inspired crystal ornament in 2011. This beautiful crystal star hangs elegantly on a white satin ribbon and features a silver colored metal tag which displays the year “2011″. (At time of writing this version of the Swarovski 2011 ornament is available at a really nice discount here!)

This  year there is also a golden edition of the Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 (see image below)  which has been created from  golden shadow crystal and hangs on a brown satin ribbon.

These crystal Christmas decorations are  a really special addition to your Christmas decor and moreover if you have something special to celebrate in 2011, whether the arrival of a new addition to the family or just something positive  that happened during the year, this ornament can be your forever reminder! The Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 is also a great gift for a collector, someone who loves Christmas or that someone special in your life! I’m thinking of my Mom right now on all three fronts!


Dimensions: 2 9/16 x 3 3/16 inch

Swarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 Images


Swarovski Christmas Ornnament 2011 GoldSwarovski Christmas Ornament 2011 Gold


Swarovski 2011Swarovski Christmas Oranment 2011 Set of 3


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