Black & Bling Bedroom – Budget Tip – Skyline Furniture Tufted Leather Headboard


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This Skyline Tufted Leather Headboard in Black is a great option if you want to recreate our Black & Bling Bedroom on a budget. Indeed it is a great option if you just want to glam up an existing bed! A new headboard and sometimes some new bed linen can dramatically change the look of a bed, so put your thinking cap on before rushing to the store for a new one. Although I know sometimes, we just have our eye on something new that we want and that nagging feeling just won’t go away until the plastic has been burned and we know it is on its way!!

The Skyline Tufted Leather Headboard is handcrafted in black leather and the frame is heavily padded for comfort. It also features metal legs. The height is adjustable up to 56″ high with the legs attached.

This headboard is currently (at time of writing) on sale at 47% discount here.




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