A Red Coffee Maker for the Design Diva in You!


This Bugatti Diva Red Coffee Maker is a 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine. Strong design, strong pressure and strong coffee – well the last part is entirely up to you. We started this week on a bit of a coffee buzz, so I just had to include this machine here. If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen with a stylish and highly functional accessory, then it will be difficult to find a red coffee maker that fits the bill any better. I have seen the Bugatti Diva coffee maker described as “functional art”.  The design is a little quirky with its angles and its lean-to appearance – what is it about Italians and leaning towers! For me that all makes for a piece that will have impact. I don’t believe it will ever go unnoticed by those who visit your kitchen.

Some products with a strong design visually, fail to live up to the quality you would expect from them from a practical perspective. It is one thing when we choose to pay a high price for a piece of art, but when we choose to pay extra for design, we still expect the item to function – well at least I do! This coffee machine, however manages to pack a punch with the higher than average pressure for a domestic machine. The die cast aluminium structure makes it a sold piece that is built to last and the chrome finishing touches add to the visual appeal.

But what about the coffee? Easy tiger – you can make two cups at a time with this machine from either ground coffee or coffee pods or I should really say you can pull either 1 or 2 shots at a time. Mine’s a double espresso (as strong as you can make it -thanks!) but this Diva number includes a steam wand for frothing you  if you prefer a cappuccino or a latte.

Now to be practical, this is not a budget home coffee machine even if it is currently available at 13% discount here (at time of writing). So, I have included a selection of red coffee makers here for you to peruse, in case this one is not in the budget right now!

Red Coffee Maker - Francis Francis by Illy

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FrancisFrancis! X7 iperEspresso Machines

Nespress Red Coffee Maker Prices

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DeLonghi EN660.R Nespresso Lattissima Single-Serve Red Espresso Maker

Red Coffee Maker - Keurig

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Keurig B30 Mini Brewers

Red Coffee Makers


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