Axo Marylin Wall Light

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Axo Marylin Wall LightThe Marylin wall light gives provides a magical light effect with the light shining through crystals. The strings of glass crystals that hide the light bulb are the predominant feature of this beautiful wall light fitting. This wall light compliments the Marylin ceiling light and will provide you with a co-ordinated look should you choose both pieces. This light piece is created by Axo light, who have followed its Venetian origins and maintained the artisan workmanship and blown glass traditions of this beautiful city. Axo lights are designed to be inspirational and are never merely functional and this piece is no exception.

I think you will agree that it will up the bling factor in any room. It is available in a variety of colors and the fittings and mount finish for this light piece are made from matt nickel. This wall light can be used as a single feature light or you could mount one either side of your bed for example. If you want to create a truly extravagant room or you are working on a commercial interior design you could create a crystal wall light gallery by using six or nine pieces in a grid design.

This wall light is available at 20% discount (at time of writing) here!


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