A Full Size Loft Bed – A Great Choice Space Saver for Kids & Adult Rooms

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Full Size Loft Bed

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Full Size Loft Bed

Full Size Loft Bed

Space can be a really limiting factor when you are decorating a room. Afull size loft bed makes life much easier, when you need to redesign a small bedroom. A lot of people think that loft beds are just for kids, but there are becoming more in demand for adults as well. With the full size loft bed efficiently using the vertical space you have available and providing you will all the comfort of a normal bed, you are left with the space beneath to use for other functions. Loft beds are available with study or work desks, drawers, storage, futons, tented areas for kids to play in and even integrated CD racks. Most full size loft beds will include more than one additional feature so you can select the bed that best fulfils your individual requirements.

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Full Size Loft Bed for Kids

When selecting a loft bed for kids, make sure that you consider the “bunk beds” factor. By this I mean that you need to be sure that your child is comfortable climbing the ladder to bed. You will also need to take into account your child’s age and also your needs as a parent when choosing the combination of features that you want for your kid’s loft bed. Younger children will often need more storage for all that they accumulate, while a teenager will need a study desk and maybe some storage also, for example.

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Full Size Loft Bed for College

With the space limitations of a college dorm room, a loft bed is an ideal solution for students going to college. If you make the right choice, you can fit a full size bed, a desk and storage in the space normally taken up by just the bed. The student can then use the space they have gained for other functions such as a social area. Another option is to consider a loft bed such as the one shown above incorporating two twin beds so that both roomies can have their beds in the same space with more living space to share.

Our first independent home as adults does not usually have all the space we would like to have. With full size loft beds for adults available in many different styles from traditional to contemporary, this allows us to make a choice depending on our design style. When sharing a property, an adult will usually want some private space for work or to socialize with friends that call over. The efficient use of your space, incorporating a loft bed may allow you to include a casual seating area for your friends or you could consider the full size loft bed with futon pictured above.

A full size loft bed not only makes the most efficient use of the vertical space you have available, but it can be a really popular choice for kids, teenagers and even adults. In order to select the best loft bed for your requirements, simply identify the functions that you most need from the loft bed. This will make choosing from the vast selection available much easier and you will be sure to find the full size loft bed that best suits you.


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