Black Chest of Drawers – 5 for Less than $200!


This is the first in our series of “Less than” articles and we decided to begin with the black chest of drawers.  While I love designer furniture, I am well aware of life’s practicalities and I know that we can’t always buy that piece that we love that costs a bazillion dollars! Storage is really important in any household. We need to have a place to put our belongings, otherwise we end up in clutter hell – or maybe that’s just me! Ever been delayed going somewhere in a hurry just because you can’t put your hands on ………?

A black chest of drawers will fit with almost any color scheme. Black furniture is often a “cool” choice for a teenager’s room and a practical and stylish choice for an adult room. When I say room, I don’t necessarily mean the bedroom either – need to clear up an entrance hall or tidy away CD’s, DVD’s, kid’s art stuff in the living room?

The chest of drawers furniture, I have selected below are in various shapes and sizes, with varying numbers of drawers etc., so hopefully you will find one that suits your needs and likes of course!!

Black Chest of Drawers for Less than $200

Home Interiors - Black Chest of Drawers

Room Essentials 4 Drawer Black Chest of Drawers – $109.99

Venture Horizons 8 Drawer Chest of Drawers – $180

Black Dresser

South Shore Vito Collection 5 Drawer Chest – On Sale $149.99

Step One Five Drawer Chest in Pure Black

Price: 159.99

South Shore Lexington Collection Drawer Chest

Price: 159.99

Some of the black chest of drawers above are on sale at time of writing.


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