Central Park Mirrored Single Dresser

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Mirrored Chest of Drawers - Dresser

Central Park Mirrored Chest

This three drawer Central Park Mirrored Single Dresser not only provides storage for your bedroom, but this elegant dresser is also the perfect conversation piece. The reflective qualities of the mirrored surface and the square tongue pull handles serve to create a beautifully finished piece of furniture. This piece can be used to enhance the design of many rooms in your home including the living room, the entrance hall, the dining room and of course the bedroom.

The dresser has three drawers for storage of your clothes or personal items. The dimensions of the piece are as follows: 31″ H x 35.25″ W x 19″ D. In a large room you could consider using this piece as a lavish nightstand. In a smaller room this mirrored dresser will stand out as a great feature while working proportionally with your room.

The Trump Central Park collection is designed for modern living. The scale of the pieces recognise the space limitations that many face but the luxurious finishes mean that there is no compromise on style.

To find out more about the Central Park Mirrored Single Dresserclick here.


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