Cloud B Turtle Constellation Night Light


Cloud B Turtle Constellation Nightlight

The Cloud B Turtle Constellation Night Light is designed to project a full night sky effect on the walls and ceiling of your little one’s room (suitable for ages 3 and up). The idea is to provide soft lighting that will be calming and encourage a peaceful sleep. It is a great idea for children who are afraid of the dark – giving them some shining stars to interest them at bedtime and a soft light to help eliminate their fears. The stars that emanate from the Cloud B Turtle actually reflect the constellations and there is a little book illustrating them provided with the nightlight. If you or your child have an interest in the stars then it could provide for some distracting bedtime interaction. There is a 45 minute sleep timer on this nightlight, so if your child needs some light to be able to fall asleep, it means that you don’t have to leave a light on all night or remember to switch it off before you go to bed.  You can also choose 3 different colored light settings.

Cloud B Ladybug Twilight Night Light

There is also a Cloud B Ladybug Twilight night light available for any little ladybugs in your life!! So I will leave you with a very brief video that demonstrates how the turtle works and I hope there are lots of sweet dreams in your home tonight!!


There is currently 20-25% discount on the Cloud B night lights at present (at time of writing) at Amazon.


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