Farniente Tondo Dining Table

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Farniente Tondo Round Dining Table

Farniente Tondo Dining Table


The Farniente Tondo Dining Table is a round glass dining table made in Italy and designed by Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni. Tonelli have a tradition of prioritizing fine design, allowing their designers the freedom to incorporate the detailing that epitomizes their design vision. Garattoni, himself is a long established architect and designer whose work has been exhibited internationally including New York & Los Angeles.

The Farniente Tondo Dining Table itself is a very sleek combination of tempered glass and chrome giving it an ultra modern look. The simplicity of its design from a visual perspective, belies the level of detailing in this product. All nuts, bolts and connections are cleverly concealed to give a finished product that is minimalist in appearance.

This dining table, is built to last and is incredibly sturdy and heavier than it might appear. It is one thing to purchase a beautiful, designer piece of furniture that looks great in your space but it is also important that it fulfills the function for which it has been bought and this table is successful in both areas. As with all furniture that incorporate glass or other transparent materials, it will become a feature in your space without overwhelming it. This is particularly important if space is tight but you are still looking to create a contemporary look that will wow your guests!

The Tondo Dining Table is available in both 37″ diameter and 45″ diameter sizes with a height of 29″.

Price: From $2,134 (depending on size and options)

Value for Money: It is difficult to put a price on good design and there are cheaper round glass dining tables available. This is a quality product and if you want to make a design statement with your choice of furniture then yes it is good value.


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