Orange 22 Botanist Collection – Stylish, Eco-Friendly & Charitable!


Orange 22 Botanist Collection

While writing earlier about our 100 cool coffee tables, I remembered the Orange 22 Botanist Collection. I came across this collection some time ago when searching for stylish, eco friendly furniture. I was more than delighted to find out that not only is this collection stylish and eco friendly but it also donates a portion of sales to charity. For me this means guilt free shopping – I am donating to charity afterall.

The Botanist Blank Canvas project, debuted in 2008 and  features the original, limited-edition collections of eight designers. Each designer took a blank Botanist bench, end table and cocktail table and then created a unique design, creating individual pieces.  The end product was eco-friendly (yes I know I said that already!), durable and stunning, and the designer got to choose the charity, to which a portion of the sales of their individual designs would go to. The charities selected included the Cancer Research Institute, Sierra Club, the International Rescue Committee, DIFFA and others.

I have included below a selection of the pieces created. The come in various materials, colors and designs and I for one love them! Bear in mind that is just a small portion of the Orange 22 Botanist Collection.


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