A Little Tip To Help Ensure Your Furniture Fits!


Brown Leather Sofa

Have you bought furniture in the past just to find it doesn’t quite fit? Ever had to squeeze past furniture because it was just too big? It can be difficult to visualize the furniture in place in your room just by looking at sizes. Its okay, I will provide you with a little piece of home interiors advice that will solve this problem.

OK, we are not all experienced in drawing space floor plans on AutoCAD (or even on paper!) but there is a solution. Now I recognize that this may sound a bit weird, but it may just save you the aggravation of returning a piece of furntiure that just will not fit.

When you select the pieces of furniture for your room, make sure that you get the correct dimensions of each piece, before you actually buy anything. For each item measure out the length by width of the item on the floor where you want to place it. Fill this space with newspaper or cardboard so that you can see exactly the space that the item will take up. Now just see if you can easily walk around the furnitiure, to make sure you have enough space. If the item fits, go flash the cash and enjoy your new furniture!!!


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