Embody Chair – Herman Miller


So why is the Herman Miller Embody Chair on the Viva Home Interiors wish list? Is it for cool styling? Is it because we just love chairs? Well I could answer yes, at least to some degree for both of the above, however the real reason is that I dream (really) of a chair that will support my back and not leave me with tired, aching shoulders and lower back after my marathon sessions in front of my computer!  Now my massage therapist may not be happy if I do manage to acquire one of these chair, and call me selfish if you will but the thought of  getting the kind of back support I need and not feeling like I need a tug-of-war team to stretch out my back is just bliss.

Buy Embody ChairAccording to Herman Miller, The Embody Chair has been designed with Backfit(TM) adjustment which apparently adapts to your spine through the full range of working positions. It also guides your body into positive seating positions. The S shape of the chair back provides constant support for your lower back. The seat edges flex, eliminating pressure on your arms and legs. Now they also talk about features that encourage air movement into the lungs to feed your brain, move heat away from your body, increase blood circulation, decrease heart rate and allow light and air to pass through them. I would like to believe it all but since I haven’t used the chair over an extended period, I cannot vouch for these features. Heck, if it just supports my back and eliminated the stress I put on it, to be honest,  I really don’t care if it is designed to allow light pass through it (even if this is a design feature that I would normally praise!).

One thing I must mention, is that the Embody chair has 42% recycled content,  is 95% recyclable and contains no PVC’s and therefore the design is considerate of our environment.

The Embody chair is available in 26 color options with a choice of  white or graphite frame and titanium, aluminium and graphite bases. From the point of view of simplicity I think I will be going for a graphite frame and base with, hmm, I haven’t decided on the fabric color yet. I am in between black, carbon, mulberry and a splash of poppy red! You can find the color swatches here!

I could go on and on about all the features of this chair but instead I will refer you to All Modern Furniture. They have all the specifications and details and currently chair is available at 26% discount. I have seen this chair priced at up to $1,698 at other online stores so the price here is much better if you want to buy the Embody Chair.


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