Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards


So why does the Joseph Joseph  Chopping Boards – Color Coded & Indexed make the Viva Home Interiors wish list? Well that is kind of a long story but I will try to keep it short. I will start with the obvious, it looks cool and the stylish storage case contains four color coded chopping boards with illustrated tabs for practicality and convenience.

Now while I have always liked the idea of color coded chopping boards for hygiene purposes, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a set of four ugly plastic chopping boards to sit on my kitchen workspace or to do the in-out dance every time I cook, if I put them in a drawer. In the end, I settled for one large slab of a board. Now I have not an obsessive compulsive neat freak who goes through gallons of bleach every month, so what is my problem? My problem with this is that I hate fish! If someone in my household uses the chopping board to cut fish I end up doing a scrub, scrub, boiling water, scrub, boiling water routine, (not obsessive compulsive??)  just to make sure that the board is really clean and fish free. If I am honest, I would probably be just a little over the top about cleaning the boards between each different food I would use.

The Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards, when I do get them, will allow me to have a neat and chic set of color coded chopping boards for my kitchen. The boards themselves are also dishwasher safe – yippee!

You can get a Joseph Joseph Chopping Board Set here at Amazon and right now they qualify for free shipping.

Joseph Joseph Chopping Board


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