Knoll Platner Table – An Iconic Dining Table

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Knoll Platner Table

Knoll Platner Dining Table


Knoll Platner Table

Company: Modern Furniture (Manufactured by Knoll)

Price Range: The Knoll Platner Table is availabe from €2,976

Who Would Buy This: Those looking for a stylish, designer round glass dining table. (The Knoll Platner Table is also available with wood and marble table tops)


The Knoll Platner Table is one of the  most recognized designer round glass dining tables on the market to-day. Designed in the 1960′s by Warren Platner, it has become an iconic, sculptural piece of dining furniture. It truly is a statement piece! The moire effect created by welding metal rods in a curved pattern has given us a truly unique and contemporary table. This dining table does not require any lavish accompaniments or decoration to justify its place in a modern dining room.

This table is manufactured by Knoll, who not only have a long standing reputation for superior quality and design, they are a company dedicated to sustainable design, social responsibility and a healthy environment for all. Glass and marble top Platner tables are Greenguard Certified and all Knoll furniture items come with a certificate of authenticity.

While the table featured here has a polished nickel base and a glass top,  there are a number of configurations and material varieties available in the Knoll Platner Table design. You can have a wooden or marble top and the base is also available in a metallic bronzed finish. A bronzed glass top has also been added to the range.

Knoll Platner Table Dimensions

  • Overall dimensions: 27″ High x 53.75″ Diameter
  • Width of base: 20.75″

Knoll Platner Table Features

  • The frame is made from vertical steel rods welded to circular horizontal and edge-framing rods
  • The bronze base comes in painted metallic bronze
  • The nickel base comes in bright nickel finish with clear lacquer protection
  • Base features clear plastic extrusion ring for smooth bottom surface
  • Glass top is 3/8″-thick tempered glass
  • Marble tops are 3/4″-thick bevel-edged satin smooth laminate or marble
  • Coated marble tops have transparent polyester coating to help eliminate use-associated stains
  • Natural marble tops and granite tops have protective sealer


I am kind of stumped here because I love this but I suppose the price of this dining table will not suit everybody’s pocket. I know that if I love something and it is outside my price range this can be a disappointment but on the other hand it means that not everybody will have the Knoll Platner Table and this only adds to its value as a designer statement piece.

The Knoll Platner Table is available from Modern Furniture.


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