Oster Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller

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This Oster Electric Wine Opener and Wine Chiller set is a perfect gift. It looks far more substantial than its price would suggest and anybody who likes wine will appreciate a gift that makes it easier to open! The wine opener uncorks a bottle with the push of a button so it is very handy  for those who are challenged in this area (like me!) . The thermal stainless steel wine chiller will keep white wine chilled while looking cool (sorry I couldn’t resist!) on any dining table. This set also comes with a foil cutter.

The Oster Electric Wine Opener needs to be charged before use and you can open up to 30 bottles of wine with one charge – now there is a target folks!

This electric wine opener gets great reviews and it’s very reasonable price makes it a very popular choice for gifts with come people buying several at a time to give to friends and family. The Oster Electric Wine Opener with Wine Chiller is available here at 34% discount (at time of writing).


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