The Best Sequence for Painting Your Room – Do It Like a Pro!


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If have a painting project in your home, you might be wondering where on earth to begin. The following sequence is used by professional painters and decorators so that the room can be efficiently painted without having to go over work already done because of paint splashes.

Painting Sequence:

1. Ceiling – paint in strips in alternate directions eg. from left to right and then from right to left for the next strip.

2. Walls – paint in strips from top to bottom.

3. Woodwork on windows.

4. Woodwork on doors.

5. Cornices.

6. Skirting boards.

7. Floors.

It all makes sense when we think about it but an inexperienced painter might just jump in, in an effort to get the job done. This way if you do the ceiling and paint splashes onto the wall, it doesn’t matter as you will be painting over it next and so on! Now that you know where to start, you can go ahead and impress the rest of the household with your painting skills!


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