Alessi Kettles – Do They Blow Your Whistle?


When I think of Alessi kettles the Alessi 9093 Signature 67oz Kettlle with Bird Whistle (pictured above) is the one that always springs to mind. This model is also known as the Alessi Bird Kettle and while there are other kettles in this collection that I really like, this one always gives me a little smile. I think it is because I am old enough to remember those old style whistle kettles that would interrupt the kitchen chatter and let everybody know that it was time for tea (now I sound ancient!). I like that this contemporary kettle includes a nod to yesteryear and indeed a touch of humor in its Bird whistle.

The Bird kettle is indeed recognised as one of the frontrunners in a trend to incorporate playful humor into contemporary design. It is also lauded as one of the  “most influential objects of the post-modern style.” Well, I am a simple girl and I just like how it looks! Personally, I am more of an electric kettle girl and this Alessi kettle also comes in an electric version.

I also like the Mami Kettle below for all its sleek, curvaceous glory.  Do you like the Alessi kettles – which one is your favorite?


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