Bamboo Hardwood Flooring – Eco Friendly and Friendly on the Eye!

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bamboo hardwood flooring

Given the high sustainability and environmentally friendly origins of bamboo, I chose this light colored bamboo hardwood flooring for our beach style bedroom. I love the fact that we can use bamboo in our homes without any environmental guilt. The light color of the Hawa Solid Bamboo floor chosen, will compliment the color palette of the bedroom and is a great choice of flooring, particularly for smaller bedrooms. While I have chosen a light colored wooden floor here, it is important to remember that all wooden floors, in their natural colors, are considered neutrals. This means that they will compliment any color scheme – neutrals match any color. (If you have ever watched US What Not to Wear, you will have heard Stacey & Clinton hammer this home in relation to clothes many times!)

The flooring pictured above is a semi gloss which is good for reflecting light into your space without being too shiny. A durable 8 coat gloss finish system adds to the wearability of this flooring – let’s face it we want it to last!

On a practical level this Hawa flooring comes in lengths of 75.75″ and each length is 3.75″ wide.  There are 23.8 square feet per carton. This flooring can either be glued or nailed down to suit your preference.



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