Bamboo Screen – An Eco Friendly Room Divider


Bamboo Screen Gaiam

While writing a post recently about bookcases, I got to thinking about room dividers (please don’t try to figure out how my mind works!). While there are lots of different screens available, many in the traditional three panel folding format or with an oriental flavor, I found this curvy little (well not so little!) bamboo screen and I loved it. While I have a penchant for clean lines, throwing a few curves in can make for a great eye catching design feature. This screen is made from eco-friendly, pesticide free bamboo.

Using a screen to divide a space gives you more control over how to use and present the space you have in a very economical way.

This bamboo screen can be used to:

1)   Divide a very large room to create a more cosy or intimate space.

2)   Create a multitasking room. If you need or want to use a room for two distinct purposes, you can just separate a part of it with a screen. For      example, if you want to set up an office space in your living room but you don’t want to look at your workspace when you are relaxing, you can just screen it off.

3) Create a play area for your kids. This will help confine the mountain of toys they are playing with to one space without them taking over the entire house!

Since the Gaiam bamboo screen is both strong and flexible and can be rolled up when you don’t need to use it giving ,  great well…… flexibility.


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