Cool Fish Bowls – A Hotel for Fish?


Cool Fish BowlsUmbra Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong


If you are looking at cool fish bowls, this Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong  has to catch your eye. The contemporary architectural design, makes not only for a fitting home for your fish, it also means that this fish bowl will look great as part of a modern, stylish design scheme. You can also stack these bowls to give you a multi storey fish condominium and to maximize the use of your space. This mini aquarium features a square glass bowl encased in a sleek, paintable,  white plastic exterior with cut out windows. If at any time you decide you just want to have a square glass bowl, with the facade, that is not a problem as the facade is easy to remove. I notice that some people have a problem with the fact that this bowl does not have a cover/lid but as someone said “my fish don’t jump”.

I am with those that reviewed this product, saying they bought it just for decoration – they don’t have fish. I don’t have fish either and I still want one.  It can be used in so many different ways whether as a vase or a bowl for  your keys – for me it is a case of any excuse to get my hands on one of these cool fish bowls.


7.5 x 7.5 x 8 inches (weighs 5 pounds)

The Umbra Fish Hotel is currently (at time of writing) available at 15% discount right here.


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