Fall Wreaths – Inspired by Nature, Inspiring Life!


Fall Wreaths Berry

Fall Berry Wreath

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As the leaves change giving us a vibrant autumnal landscape, we can take so much inspiration for our home decor, inside and out from our natural surroundings. Fall wreaths are just one way of incorporating the elements of this season into our homes and while traditionally used to adorn our front doors and welcome our guests, especially around Thanksgiving, there is no reason why you can’t include a fall wreath in your interior decor as a gentle autumnal nod.

While wreaths were traditionally made from evergreens to symbolize strength, I think the use of elements of nature as they change or come to fruition reflects the beauty of  the different stages of our lifecycle. While many of us fear change in our life,  if we look at the beauty that is inherent in changes in nature, maybe we could learn a lesson or two and fear a little less!

There are so many varieties of  fall wreaths available and they can include leaves, nuts, fruit, berries, twigs, flowers, foliage and indeed anything your little (or indeed big) imagination cares to consider. While the craft lovers amongst us may choose to gather up their own autumnal fare to create their perfect fall wreaths, I have brought you a selection  of some of the best available.


Fall Wreaths

Fall Candle Ring Wreath

This fall Pumpkin Wreath can be used both indoors and outdoors, and can be used to  create a Thanksgiving Centerpiece or  a fall wreath (or both!).  Pumpkin Candle Ring Wreath for Fall, Autumn and Thanksgiving


Fall Wreaths Leaves and Berry

Melrose International 26-Inch Polyester and Twig Wispy Leaves and Berry Wreath


Floral Fall Wreaths

Fall Floral Wreath

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Thanksgiving Wreath Leaves and BerryFall Wreath with Leaves and Berries

Available from Wayfair


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