Starburst Light Pendant – Add a Burst of Style to Your Room


Starburst Thirty Seven Light Pendant in Satin Nickel

Starburst 37  Light Pendant in Satin Nickel


Starburst Light Pendants

Starburst Light Pendant Up Close and Personal!


The Starburst Light Pendant really will give a burst of style and light to your room. Whether you choose to use this light in a bedroom, living room, dining room or as an impressive feature piece in a hallway or entrance hall, it is sure to make an impact. It is available in a number of sizes from a single pendant right up to the 37 Starburst Light Pendant(pictured above), which is gaining a reputation of one of the most impressive contemporary chandeliers on the market.  This innovative lighting design is brought to us by ET2 who have managed to introduce a prolific range of  creative, design-forward light pieces to the market. I had difficulty picking  just one to write about to-day but the Starburst design really draws my eye every time I see it. No matter how many stunning lighting pieces that surround it, this one draws my attention like a magnet and mesmerizes me – it really is a stand out piece that is sure to gain the compliments of guests to your home.

The appeal of this pendant light lies in its unique shape, one that is completely divergent from traditional chandelier pieces and the beautifully starburst detailing that is encased in the the individual globular lights. The Starburst Pendant Light comes in a variety of color options including clear, blue, amber, green and violet. The globes are always clear, the color variation refers to the inner details (as seen in the upclose image above).

The dimensions of  this modern chandelier vary with the options chosen. The 37 Light Pendant is 52″ High and 33″ in diameter and the 19 Light Pendant is 59″ high and 20″ in diameter. It is easy to install – you do not need to be an expert to work this one out.

This is not just a pendant light it is a style statement, that will be talked about for years to come. While undoubtedly contemporary it is not a design that will date and I have this one on my list of modern designs that will stand the test of time to become an iconic piece of the future.

Starburst 19 Light Pendant in Satin Nickel

Starburst 19 Light Pendant in Satin Nickel

Price: From $81 (Single Pendant) to $2,250 (37 Light Pendant) – At time of writing there is a 40% discount available on a number of designs in this range.  The 19 Light Pendant is $585 (discounted) and the 37 Light Pendant is $1,350 (discounted).


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