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Alessi Clock – Contemporary Time Keeping for the Modern Home

Alessi Fratelli Campana 2.4″ Blow Up Wall Clock

Alessi have been long renowned for their contemporary and sometimes quirky design. An Alessi clock for your kitchen, office or living room could just be the right choice. Whether you are looking for a piece that is cool and stylish like the Fratelli Campana Blow Up Wall Clock, pictured above, or you would prefer something with a little humor and personality, there is a selection of clocks by Alessi .(more pictured below)

The Fratelli Campana Clock, is one item in a range of pieces, designed by the Campana brothers from Brazil. They have taken the world of design by storm with some of their unique chairs selling for up to $75,000 (could be more but this is the highest figure I have come across!). Their collaboration with Alessi gives us ordinary but very stylish folks a chance to own our own piece of designer homeware.

On the fun side of things, the Alessi Blank Wall Clock, comes complete with a magic marker so that you can either add your own doodles to create your own design or indeed your clock can double as your kitchen notice board! You could always let your kids design their own Alessi clock for their bedrooms!

Alessi Michael Graves Kitchen Wall Clock

Alessi Blank Wall Clock by Martí Guixé

Alessi 24h Sentence Maker Wall Clock by Martí Guixé

Alessi Aldo Rossi Momento Wall Clock

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