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Bertoia Chaise

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The Bertoia Chaise is a beautiful, asymmetrical, sculptural piece that is much lauded by designers the world over. While designed simultaneously with the rest of the Bertoia Collection it wasn’t produced until more recent times.

I consider shape of the Bertoia Chaise to be dynamic with flowing curves creating a piece of such extroadinary visual appearance that it is difficult to believe that you can rest your weary bones on it!

The Asymmetric Chaise is available unupholstered, with an upholstered cushion or fully covered in a myriad of fabric colours.


53″W x 33″D x 40″H Seat Height 14″

Imagine yourself lounging (elegantly of course!) in this Harry Bertoia masterpiece! It is a feature piece and a talking point. It will draw your guests eye and evoke their admiration!

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