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Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Contemporary Metal Wall ArtBirds Eye View By Jon Allen

Contemporary metal wall art is a great way to give a room that WOW factor without breaking the bank. While with everything in design the sky is the limit when you look at pricing you can get really stunning pieces for a couple of hundred dollars.  You can be sure that they will draw the eye and be a talking point for guests to your home. We sometimes think of metal as something cold, but it can be very chic and stylish when used in the correct way. Metal wall art often incorporates color so the correct piece can really compliment your design scheme.

In terms of the pieces I have chosen to accompany this post, I have focussed primarily on art pieces that come in multiple panels. This particular style of contemporary metal wall art is particularly flexible with a number of the pieces providing you with options. You can for example decide to hang this type of wall art vertically or horizontally depending on your space and indeed your own personal preference. Another alternative would be to split the panels to create two or more smaller pieces. This may not have the same impact but if you are decorating a smaller room, it can certainly work very well from a design perspective, not to mention giving you more bang for your buck.

All the pieces that accompany this post are available at Amazon where you will find a large selection of metal wall art.

Blue Contemporary Metal Wall Art

Blue Metal Wall Art

Artist’s Description: This 7 panel metal wall sculpture by artist Ash Carl will mesmerize you and your guests! The handsanded finish on the metal creates a unique 3 dimensional effect. As you pass by, the artwork seemingly moves by reflecting any light in the room. Lighting brings out amazing movement and texture in each panel! paint is applies to protect the metal and it features an amazing array of colors and detail. These pieces cannot be justified by pictures. The reflections that are hand carved into each piece can only show there best qualities in person.If you are looking for other color combinations, check out the other 80 designs of painted metal wall art by Ash Carl. Ash’s artwork is collected by thousands worldwide and is MADE IN THE USA!

Solaris Contemporary Metal Wall ArtWhat the Artist Jon Allen has to say about the Solaris (above):

It is my great pleasure to offer you this stunning work of art. I have designed this Jewel-Toned Wall Sculpture to express the mesmerizing qualities and light-capturing brilliance of metal. The intricate textures I hand grind and polish into the metal reveal layers that build dramatic illusions of depth and dimension. This Jewel-Toned Wall Sculpture will be especially appreciated in person. You and your guests will marvel as the brilliant glimmering light seems to interact with the metal as you move around it!!

I carefully build each piece with the highest quality materials. Read more from Jon Allen here.

Metal Wall Hanging

Contemporary Metal Wall Art

“Harvest Rows” By Jon Allen

Metal Art WorkLarge Wall Art

Gold Controlled Chaos By John Allen

Aqua Blu Wave Metal Wall ArtAqua Blue Wave Wall Art by Jon Allen

When picking the pieces for this post it seems I have inadvertantly become a fan of the work of Jon Allen!

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  1. abstract wall art is good to find so its great when someone posts abstract art online

    • Thanks Keith – You can probably tell that I love it too!

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