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Metal Bed Frames – To Suit All Tastes

Grid Bed in Iron

Metal bed frames are available in such a large variety of styles, that there really is one to suit every taste available. From modern, contemporary simple brushed metal frames to more traditional, decorative wrought iron bed frames, the choices are endless. Before deciding on the metal bed frame that is right for you, you will need to take stock of the room you intend buying the bed for and the look you are going for. Are you looking for a cool and trendy modern bed for a teenagers room or do you want a bed that is opulent and decorative to fit in with a particular style that exists or that you are creating for yourself.

Metal bed frames are popular for teenager’s rooms as they do have a certain cool factor and more importantly from a budget perspective, they are versatile. They can fit in with any colour scheme and will work with the various phases a teenager and young adult may go through. While certain elements of your room design may change from teen to college to adult, a metal frame bed will keep its place and is one less expense you will need to worry about when redecorating.

There are of course metal framed beds with more decorative detailing available. These tend to appeal to the younger (think princess bed!) and older generations. Metal frames are available in the natural color of the metal but can also be widely bought in black or white to suit your home decor choices. Some bed frames combine wood and metal to give a really luxurious, olde world look and feel to them. These can be a great compromise if there is a male/female decoration tug of war going on as they can combine the kind of swirls and decoration that appeal to many females while the choice of color and solid, structutal materials can appeal to the more macho men in your life!

I have show a small selection of metal bed frames below. In choosing these, I have tried to show some of the various styles available in the hope that you will see that there really is a metal bed frame available to suit your tastes. The selection shown below comes from CSN Stores (who generally offer free shipping on their beds).

Stanley Furniture Montecito Metal Bed in Espresso

Price: 1,899.00
Wilshire Metal Bed Headboard

Price: 379.00
Camden Black Metal Bedroom Set

Price: 1,071.00
Continuum Metal and Wood Canopy Bed

Price: 2,999.00
Wildon Home Copperfield Metal Daybed in White

Price: 225.00
Lea Industries Elation Metal Bedroom Set

Price: 724.50
Hillsdale Furniture Wilshire Metal Bed Headboard

Price: 379.00
Seaside Dreams Metal Bed

Price: 405.00
University Loft Upperclassman Arched Full / Double Metal Bed **Sale!…Limited Quantities**

Price: 350.00
American Drew Camden Black Metal Bed

Price: 703.50

Fashion Bed Group Crescent Bed in Rustic Brass

Price: 549.00

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