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How About A Modern Vase – Cool for Flowers or Just on Its Own!

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Modern Vase in White

A Modern Vase at 76% Discount!

Every household needs a vase and a great modern vase like the Nuance Living and Design Small Opal S Vase that can be used for flowers or as a decorative feature on its own. The glass vase above can be used to line up real or good quality artificial flowers if you want to create a permanent display. If you are living in an apartment and miss the greenery of a garden you could also consider getting some bamboo, cutting it to equal lengths and placing them tightly into the vase for a modern touch of the outdoors.

This elegantly shaped vase was designed by Kai Hansen and has been created in high quality opal colored glass.

The Nuance Living and Design Small Opal S Vase is currently available at 76% discount at only $22.95 here.

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