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Princess Ceramic Drawer Knob

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Princess Ceramic Drawer KnobsI have featured this pink princes ceramic drawer knob here so that you have the option of using an existing chest of drawers or purchasing a low cost white chest and using these drawer knobs to create a chest of drawers fit for a princess. In this case, you just need to remove the existing knobs and replace them. Please hold on to the plain knobs you have removed, so that you can swap back when your little princess grows up.

These knobs are handcrafted in the USA and use high definition image transfer that is triple sealed to ensure durability and give an enamel like finish for easy cleaning. They are made from high quality ceramic and the artwork is guaranteed not to fade or chip.

The knobs are 1 1/2 “ in diameter.

These high quality pink princess crown decorative knobs are currently available at only $2.99 each (25% off the normal price) at Amazon.

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