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Rabbit Wine Opener – So Easy Even I Can Use It!

V.I.P. Polished Sterling Rabbit Cork Screw with Red Leather Grip

Well we started the week talking about waking up with a coffee buzz, but it is the weekend now (almost!) so it is time to think about a nice glass of wine – just to unwind of course! Now I am not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am a bit of a clutz, so if I have guests over for dinner, I usually elect one of them to open the wine. That doesn’t really win me any hostess with the mostess awards! However, when I came across the Rabbit Wine Opener I thought result! It works for me on two levels – it looks good (I am only that shallow when it comes to objects – I promise) and it can open a bottle of wine in 3 seconds. This levered screw pull wine op means no more doing the pulling and tugging dance and ending up with bits of cork in the bottle for me. It has also ended up on my list of gifts for my wine buff friends. I really like the polished chrome version with a red or black trophy presentation case in chrome and leather for gifts. There are however less expensive versions available and I have provided links to them at the end of this post.

I am not going to blather on about how easy the rabbit wine opener is to use – I think the gentleman in this video does a great job on that one!

Classic Rabbit Corkscrew in Silver

Deluxe Rabbit Corkscrew in Brushed Finish

Some of the product features include:

# Die-cast handles

# User-friendly ergonomic design

# All gear teeth made of hardened metal

# Tested for 20,000 cork pulls by independent laboratory

# 10-year warranty

# Sleek new lucite presentation case

Both the classic and deluxe Rabbit wine openers above are available at at least 25% discount (at time of writing) and include a foil cutter and extra spiral.

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