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Round Glass Dining Table – Don’t Go Round in Circles Looking for One!

Fariente Toindo Round Dining Table


Modern Round Glass Dining Table


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Knoll Platner Dining Table


Cappuccino Finish Round Glass Dining Table & Chair Set


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Calligaris Stardust Dining Table


Calligaris Astro Dining Table


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Johnston Casuals Williamsburg Dining Table

Classic Elegance

Unique Snug Maze Round Glass Dining Table


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Pegasus Contemporary Glass Round Dining Table

Contemporary Elegance

Modloft Panton Dining Table


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A friend of mine was looking for a round glass dining table recently and never mind going around in circles, I think she reached a point where she was going around the bend. I decided to jump in and take a look, thinking that I would find a bazillion of them, and while the round glass tables shown above, are only a selection of what I found, there certainly weren’t as many as I first thought there would be. Having said that, there are still plenty available in many different styles from modern to classic and unusual to elegant.  You will also find a large range of sizes available from tables for two to family sized dining tables and there is also a wide price range. There are a number of things you should bear in mind when purchasing a round glass dining table, and I will give you the low down here.

1. Size and Space

If you are looking for a round glass dining table, you will already know where it is to go, but you need to be aware of the size of the space you need to fill. The above round tables come in a size range of between 32″ in Diameter to 55″ in Diameter. You can of course buy smaller and larger ones, but as you can see there is a wide range in sizes. When judging the size for a round glass dining table that fits your space, you need to bear in mind the space that will be taken up by the chairs and also allow for some circulation space around the table. If you are in any doubt, about the size take two sheets of cardboard or paper cut to the length of  table’s diameter – i.e. if the table is 48″ in diameter, then each length of cardboard/paper should be 48″ long. Place them on the floor in a “cross” configuration, so that they intersect at the center. This way you will see where the widest parts of the circle will hit. I know this is a crude method, but if you are not gifted in AutoCAD or the equivalent, I assure you it works.

2. Style

You may already know what style  of round glass dining table you are looking . As you can see from the above, you don’t need to compromise when you are searching . If you really want a round glass dining table, that fits your design vision, you can have it. Whether you are looking for something clean and modern, something a little more classical or a table that will be a talking point when people come into your home, it is available.

3. Price

I know that I have said that you can have the style that you want, and while I do appreciate and frequently (very) admire designer furniture, you know I am also a firm believer that you don’t have to compromise  on the overall look and style of your choices when it comes to budget.  A few of the tables above come in at under $300 and with the Contemporary Cappuccino Finish Round Glass Dining Table, you even get four chairs included for approx. $290.

Things I Love About a Round Glass Dining Table

-  A round glass dining table is great for  small spaces as they appear to take up less space due to the primarily transparent nature of the table. Even when space is particularly tight, you can still create a contemporary bistro feel with a round table for two!

-  I am a particular fan of round table tops, whether for dining, coffee or side tables,  when there are young kids in a home – no sharp edges at a little one’s eye line.

-  As a focal point, a round glass dining table can really help create a designer feel to your dining room.

Round Glass Dining Table Sources

The tables featured here are from the following stores and you will find many more round glass dining tables availabe through these sources:


CSN Stores

All Modern

I hope you find the round glass dining table of your dreams!!

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