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Super Fresco Black Flock Wallpaper

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Black Wall PaperThis luxurious Flock Effect Muse Black wallpaper from Graham and Brown’s Superfresco range will provide the perfect wall finishing for your black and bling bedroom. You may decide to use this wallpaper on all the walls or as an alternative you could use it to create a feature wall. Creating a feature wall can not only provide a great designer touch to your design but can also be a means to cut your costs without looking like you made any compromises. The feature wall will look like an addition to the design rather than an attempt to cut back.

It will provide a great background to the Marylin Wall light and using it in this way will maximise the effect of both the wallpaper and the light.

From a practical point of view this is a durable wallpaper. If your walls are less than smooth perfection wallpaper can be a great way to cover imperfections without having to sand, replaster or dryline your walls.

The Superfresco Flock Effect Muse Black wallpaper comes in rolls that are 20.5” wide and 396” long.

This paper is available to purchase here.

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