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White Dresser – Wildon Home Twin Lakes White Dresser

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White Dresser

This white dresser is part of the Wildon Twin Lakes collection and I have chosen it to match the white sleigh bed chosen for our white beach room design. This dresser features 6 drawers for storage of clothes, lingerie and all those bits and pieces that we love to collect but that can clutter up our space if they don’t have their very own home! As with the other pieces of this collection, while it works beautifully for a beach style room, this dresser can fit in with many design schemes. This dresser need not be confined to the bedroom and can be used in a living room, dining room or hall way – anywhere you need discreet, stylish storage.

This dresser is constructed from solid wood and finished in white. It comes fully assembled which is always a bonus in my book. As I have said before, I am all in favor of making life easier!

• Overall dimensions: 32″ H x 37.25″ W x 17.5″ D

The Wildon Home Twin Lakes White Dresser is currently (at time of writing) available at 17% discount and with free shipping right here.

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