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White Mirror – Wildon Home Twin Lakes White Mirror

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White Mirror

This white mirror has been selected to match the dresser in our beach style bedroom. It is a mirror that can stand alone and be used with a dresser or you might choose to hang it up on a wall in the bedroom, entrance hall or living room. The size and simplicity of design of this mirror means that it can be used in various locations in the home.

I like simplicity when it comes to design. It increases the versatility of the piece and ensures that it will look well in years to come. While I love shopping for new things and the latest design, I have a deep appreciation for gaining value from our furniture and accessories! If you decide on a radical makeover in the future, you can always paint the frame to match in.

  • Overall dimensions: 34″ H x 28″ W x 0.75″D

This white mirror is currently available at 25% discount (at time of writing) with free shipping here!

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